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Panda slot machine big win

Wild Panda is a video slots game which presents you with an authentic casino slots gambling experience. It is an online, digital version of the same game found in brick and mortar casino establishments worldwide. By simply using your smart device or laptop, you can get online and play Wild Panda. The game has been designed with attractive, detailed graphics which immerse you into the wilderness of China where a fortune waits for you. Developed by Aristocrat, Wild Panda video slots game is exciting and presents you with attractive odds. Read on to learn more about Panda slot machine big win.

Features of  Panda slot machine big win

This video slot game begins with a loading sequence. After that, you can choose how much money you want to bet in it. The game offers you a denomination menu. From this one, you can choose the size of coin that you desire to play with. After that, you can manipulate the “-” and “+” buttons to choose the number of coins which you want to bet in every spin. These buttons are located next to the “Credits per Spin” section. There is a total of 100 lines of payment in the game and all of them are compulsory. After making your settings, you can play by pressing “Spin”. If you want to play Wild Panda online video slots for a specific number of times with no breaks in-between, you can simply press “Auto Spin”.

Winning and bonuses

It is very easy to win in Wild Panda video slot game. Simple get matching symbols from the left to the right along one of its 100 pay lines. The game also has 5 reels. You can win a bonus if you land upon a wild symbol. This type of symbol works to increase your chances of hitting a big win. For an exceptionally big hit, you can play the free games because they offer you 3 scattered coins. Here you have an option to play and spell the word PANDA. Doing so turns all the active symbols into wild ones. As a result, you get to win 5 bonus chances. By playing Wild Panda in this way, you can create chances to win large amounts of money with each spin.


Wild Panda really is one of the easiest slot games to play today. The “Denomination” feature helps you to choose a coin size. You can also pick the number of coins that you want to play per spin in the “Credits per Spin” section. Spin to play the game at the wager level of your choice and “Auto Spin” to play a specific number of times with no breaks in-between. You can play Panda slot machine big win at

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