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Tomb Raider Slot Machine

You don’t have to travel to Vegas to feel the allure of spinning tables, jack of all trades and slot machines. With the internet, you can play at the comfort of your couch, dorm bed or even at the office during your lunch break. Tomb Raider, starring Lara Croft, is one of the most played and more interesting slot games. It started out as a video game, but nowadays, it is mostly played as slot machines.

Tomb Raider Slot Machine Features

This game is not just about random and scatters winnings. Tomb Raider Slot Machine features include:

a) Sound and Graphics

The images and the themes used in this game are based upon the original video games and a bit of the 2013 film. The sound effects are enhanced in such a way that they give one the illusion of being in the game itself. The tempo varies, beginning with pulsing drone and rising into loud electronic beats. The combination of the visual effects and the sound optimizes the game.

b) Jackpots

When playing Tomb Raider, you get jackpots that can be cashed, and these have limits. Different casinos have different limits, and these can spin up to a higher limit of $45,000.

c) Special Effects

The special effects in these game include free spins and bonuses. The bonuses are as highlighted below:

Bonuses For Tomb Raider Slots Game

Tomb Raider slot machine comes with a number of bonuses. They are:

a) Wild Symbols

These symbols can be substituted for any other symbol. However, tomb bonus and scatter bonus cannot be substituted for other symbols. The Tomb Raider symbol is the only wild symbol.

b) Tomb Bonuses

This is a short bonus that is triggered when you land idol symbols. They can be either three or more idol symbols and can only be earned at an active payline. Each bonus can be cashed for a certain amount, after which you will be redirected to the main game.

c) Scatter Bonuses

These bonuses are earned when you land three or more Scatter symbols in a single spin. The scatter symbols are Lara Croft’s symbols, and they can be used to get free spins and win money.

Where Can You Play Tom Raider Slot Machine?

This game is more common in online casinos. Most online casinos allow you to play this game for free or play it for money. Bets in an online casino are as low as 0.5 per spin, and you can bet up to as high as 37.5 per spin.

When playing online, you can use your desktop, which is better recommended. The game is also in a mobile version which you can play on your mobile device. In online casinos, the theme, music, and lighting are optimized in such a way that you feel as if you are playing the game in an actual casino.

Tom Raider slot machine can also be played in an actual casino where the first version was first played in late 2004.

If you are crazy about slot machines, Tom Raider is one game that you should try. The bonuses are very attractive, and so is the heroine!

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